SAT Therapy Services, including Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy

School Age Therapy ServicesDepending on your child’s support needs, you may have been referred for one or both of these services. SAT services are jointly funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development and the New Westminster School District and services are provided in partnership with the School District staff.

SAT provide consultations to the school district staff to address the following concerns:

  • Safety: Children for whom safety is a concern (e.g. with feeding, respiratory status, post-surgical…)
  • Dependency: Children who are unable to function due to difficulty functioning within their environments (e.g. no mobility method, transition children with urgent needs…)
  • Rehab/Therapy Needs: Children who need therapy intervention due to difficulty functioning within their environments (e.g. EA in-service, equipment needs, children who have a program…)
  • Program Review: Children whose program has been put in place who need a periodic review (e.g. goal reviews, ongoing monitoring and program adjustment…)

How to get more information:

Speak to the Resource Teacher at your child’s school.

Location: New Westminster Schools