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Wonderful moments happen every day at SHARE; a child is able to walk for the first time; a parent is able to feed their family on a minimal budget; a family is able to find comfort in a new home far away from what they are used to.   These moments are a direct result of everyone working together to build strength by investing in our community.

Each of you have your own relationship with SHARE, and we would like to feature your story or experience on our website.  We would like to hear from everyone; our clients, donors, stakeholders, sponsors, companies who have partnered with us, volunteers, and staff.  You are all an integral part of the SHARE family. It could be a specific experience that you would like to share with us, or just a few words on what SHARE means to you.  You can send a photo with your story, or remain anonymous – it is up to you!

Sharing your stories and experiences can help others learn about SHARE and feel comfortable participating in SHARE’s programs and services.   Thank you!  We love hearing from our SHARE family!

Submit your SHARE stories to Valerie Hutton.

Recent Share Stories

Our first annual CFOX Santa Fox 50/50 is here!

Where 50% of the pot goes to SHARE Family and Community Services – connecting, engaging and strengthening families. The other 50%? Oh... that’s gonna look good in your savings account!! It’s the biggest 50/50 draw of the year with a total pot of up to $250,000! The Santa Fox 50/50 Winner will be announced on December 17th at 7am with the Jeff O'Neil Show!


Single Ticket for $5;

20-Ticket Pack for $20;

100-Ticket Pack for $40;

300-Ticket Pack for $100


Show your support to help the less fortunate in our communities on our Santa Fox 50/50 Donation day - December 17th!

All day long, we'll be encouraging listeners/businesses/everyone to donate online to SHARE Community & Family Services!

Presented by: Metro Ford, in your community since 1965.

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