I have worked at SHARE for over a decade now. In my time here, I have seen the impact of our work in so many amazing and compelling ways. For over 40 years, SHARE has been there when a family needed a meal, when a teen needed a hug, when a senior needed help to stay in their home, when a child needed to learn how to hold a spoon, when an individual could no longer cope with an addiction and life just felt too hard.

SHARE is a community in the truest sense of the word and our family members and partners are each and every one of the people we serve and support and those who support our work by donating their time, food and funds. Together, with the continued support of our funders, grantors and the generosity of the Tri-Cities community, we remain committed to be here to support others, as they face adversity and life’s challenges. It’s a gift to witness and it’s a honour to be a part of such a caring and committed staff team at SHARE.

Valeri Sutton

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