Thank you for the generous contributions of our Donors, Funders and Grantors.

You have bettered the lives of so many families, children and individuals through your sponsorship of SHARE Family & Community Services programs.

Each year, SHARE receives financial donations from thousands of individuals, families, groups, companies and organizations. Each and every one of them are our vital partners and members of the greater SHARE family. While the gifts that are donated range in dollar amounts from small to big, every single dollar counts! These funds directly support the implementation and delivery of our unfunded and under-funded programs and services, in support of our community. 

Thank you to our generous donors for investing in our community. Your support makes a real difference in the lives of many.

Below is a list of our generous funders and grantors.

Our Featured Corporate Sponsor

Wesbild Holdings

Wesbild Holdings Ltd. is a true supporter of SHARE and an advocate for the well-being of our community as a whole. In 2005, Wesbild purchased and purpose-renovated a building from which SHARE delivers services to over 17,000 people each year. The Clarke Street building has been provided by Wesbild at no net cost to SHARE for the last 10 years. This extraordinary contribution allows SHARE to invest significant resources into its mission: to provide support to vulnerable individuals and families so that they have the opportunity to pursue the life they choose.

Our Featured Donor(s) of the Month

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Our Website Sponsors

Our first annual CFOX Santa Fox 50/50 is here!

Where 50% of the pot goes to SHARE Family and Community Services – connecting, engaging and strengthening families. The other 50%? Oh... that’s gonna look good in your savings account!! It’s the biggest 50/50 draw of the year with a total pot of up to $250,000! The Santa Fox 50/50 Winner will be announced on December 17th at 7am with the Jeff O'Neil Show!


Single Ticket for $5;

20-Ticket Pack for $20;

100-Ticket Pack for $40;

300-Ticket Pack for $100


Show your support to help the less fortunate in our communities on our Santa Fox 50/50 Donation day - December 17th!

All day long, we'll be encouraging listeners/businesses/everyone to donate online to SHARE Community & Family Services!

Presented by: Metro Ford, in your community since 1965.

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