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SHARE-Aug13-FB&IG.pngDo you have a loved one with a gambling problem?  Have you asked yourself any of these questions:

  • Is gambling an addiction?
  • Why do they lie to me?
  • Why can’t they just stop?
  • How can they do this to me?
  • Where did all the money go?

Your life might feel out of control; you might experience serious trust issues as well as money and relationship problems.  Know that you are not alone and that there are ways you can regain control over your life.

Here are some tips to remember:

To support yourself:

  • Realize that you cannot make someone stop gambling
  • Protect your own money
  • Focus on healthy routines: eat, sleep and exercise regularly
  • Get support: talk to a trusted person
  • Manage stress: learn ways to relax, to have fun and to balance your emotional well-being

To support your loved one:

  • Try not to judge them. People whose gambling problem is out of control feel vulnerable already
  • Let them know you will support them in their effort to regain control
  • Let the person know how their actions affect you

If you want more help, you might want to take these steps:

  • Talk to a gambling support professional in your area. The services at SHARE are free and confidential.

To connect with SHARE’s free gambling support service, contact:


Ph: 604.540.9161, ext. 153


Ph: 604.540.9161, ext. 154

  • Listen to the podcast produced at SHARE by Adrienne Cossom.  Hear interviews with spouses and family members who have been through it.  Learn strategies from counsellors specializing in gambling problems.

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