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SHARE Receives Grant To Support Urgent Family Needs at Food Banks

SHARE Family & Community Services Society (SHARE) received a Food Banks Canada Emergency Food Access grant of $42,981 this spring to help families across the Tri-Cities.

The number of individuals accessing the SHARE Food Bank has increased by over 50% over the past twelve months: every week there are new seniors, families, students, and young people seeking help. This grant substantially impacted SHARE’s ability to purchase and transport bulk fresh fruits and vegetables, dried and tinned goods, and culturally diverse food for those in need.

SHARE is a non-profit, independent, community-based organization providing leadership and programs in response to the social needs of the residents of the Tri-Cities. Serving over 22,000 people each year, SHARE aims to support community members during times of vulnerability.

“At SHARE, our Food Bank welcomes everyone. We serve seniors struggling to live on limited means, families who cannot afford the high price of rent and gas while also keeping their children well nourished, and adults who are struggling to make ends meet each week. Through grants like this one, SHARE provides healthy, fresh food and culturally appropriate food to those who need it,” said Claire MacLean, CEO at SHARE.

Much of SHARE’s food and cash donations come in the fall and winter, so this grant was both timely and crucial. As the cost of living in the TriCities continues to climb, we expect those needing support will also grow.

This summer, SHARE will hold its annual “Remember the Food Bank” campaign that invites community members to hold fundraisers and donate goods to the SHARE Food Bank. Together we can make sure that everyone in our community has enough.


Since 1972, SHARE, a registered, non-profit charity, has provided services to help connect, engage, and strengthen individuals. SHARE’s services touch over 22,000 people in the Tri-Cities area annually. For more information about SHARE, please visit


For further information, please contact:

Claire MacLean (she/her)

Chief Executive Officer

SHARE Family & Community Services Society

604-540-9161 ext 133

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