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As the end of the year closes in, time is running out on tax deductible donations. About 25% of Canadians take advantage of the sizable benefits Canadian Federal and Provincials governments offer to Canadians who give to registered Canadians charities.

At SHARE, your donation provides support for over 53,000 residents of the Tri-Cities area through our programs and services.

Programs such as:

  • Youth Substance Use Services and Health Promotion.
  • Talking Helps Counselling – Individual and couple counselling.
  • Seniors on the Move – a program for seniors to participate in outings, visiting local attractions and events.
  • New Beginnings – support for children, youth and newcomer and refugee families.
  • Speech/LanguageOccupational and Physical Therapy Services for children.
  • Early Childhood Mental Health – providing services/support for children whose emotional development has been compromised.
  • Community Navigator – works with Food Bank users to help them find and access resources that help them to live healthier lives.

These tax incentives are significant, amounting to as much as 53% of your charitable donation. For many Canadians, it’s by leveraging these tax benefits that they can give more generously to charities. It makes them feel good and with their larger gift, it enables the charities they support to do more. Now, that’s a good thing.

Donate securities and don’t pay capital gains tax.

By donating securities directly to your favourite charity, you can eliminate the capital gains tax, get a tax receipt for the full fair market value while ensuring your charity gets the full value of the securities. Please consider keeping us in mind as you make your end-of-year donation.

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