Speech Therapy

Speech TherapySpeech-language pathologists, also known as SLPs or speech therapists, help children develop communication skills. The SLP is interested in a child’s understanding of language, spoken language, speech skills (articulation, voice, fluency), eating skills (chewing, sucking, swallowing), hearing, gestures and body language. SLPs explore strategies to help children communicate more effectively and to develop the best language learning environment. If a child is slow to talk, the SLP may explore other ways for a child to communicate, such as gestures/signs, pictures or voice output communication aids.

This service is available to families with new born to preschool-aged children who have a communication difficulty. Services may be provided at SHARE offices and/or community sites such as family homes, childcare centres, and preschools.

An initial consultation with a speech-language pathologist (SLP) is typically offered 3-5 months from the time of referral.  This consultation allows an opportunity to meet with the SLP, who will gather information about the child’s communication and make recommendations about further services that may be needed.  Services offered include assessment, follow-up intervention, group therapy and parent training.  Wait times will vary depending on the service.

How to Apply

Referrals to SHARE’s speech and language program are made through the Tri-Cities Children’s Services intake worker at 604-525-8242.  It is also possible to download our service request form here and follow the directions on the bottom for returning it to us.  Parents or guardians can refer their child for services. With the parent/guardian’s consent, a family doctor or other community professional can also refer a child for speech and language services.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the speech-language therapy program please feel free to contact Zahra Lalani – Program Supervisor at 604-529-5114 or Zahra.lalani@sharesociety.ca.