Programs & Services

Inclusive Communities
SHARE offers resources to help newcomers feel welcomed in their new home, the Tri-Cities community. Our family resource centres provide a point of contact for new residents to meet other individuals and families through group support such as English Practice Groups and Parent-Tot Drop-In programs.  The resource centres also provide newcomers with access to employment and financial support opportunities.

Social Well-Being
From Early Intervention Therapy for children under five years of age, to substance use prevention education in schools for your teenager, to couples counselling, SHARE looks after you and your entire family.  Learn more about our therapy programs for children and youth, counselling services for individuals and families, and our Better at Home program for seniors.

Uprooting Poverty
High on the list of SHARE’s priorities is combating the poverty experienced by individuals, families and children in our community.  Last year, 36% of those who used our food bank services were children.  Food and shelter are necessities for living, and should be attainable to all people in the Tri-Cities. Read about our food bank program, Tiny Bundles – help for children under 1 years of age, and 43 Housing – a warm home for low income individuals and families.