Physical Therapy

Physical TherapyPhysical therapists, also known as PTs, help children develop mobility (rolling, crawling, walking), independence and physical fitness. PTs look at the strength and control of a child’s muscles, the movement of their joints, and the development of balance reactions, co-ordination and motor skills. They work with family members to maximize a child’s ability to participate fully in everyday activities. PTs also assess and help parents obtain appropriate mobility equipment such as wheel chairs and walkers. Services are provided at SHARE offices and community sites such as family homes, childcare centres, and preschools.

The wait for Physical Therapy services at SHARE can vary greatly. Our goal for service is to respond to your referral within 90 days – usually a first visit is scheduled for an initial assessment to help us determine the level of need for service. Generally intake and ongoing service is determined considering 4 things:

  • Health & Safety concerns – for example, compromises in physical status (orthopaedic, respiratory, neurology concerns).
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation needs – for example, a child needs physical therapy as a result of surgery.
  • Physical Disability – for example, there is a need for equipment that will support optimal functioning such as orthotics, splints, and alternate positioning or mobility devices such as walkers, standing frames, and wheelchairs.

Physical Therapy provides initial consultations with families, referrals to therapy groups, “check-in” days and therapist participation in IDP Playgroups (if available) to children on the wait-list.

How to Apply

To access this service please call the Tri-Cities Children’s Services intake worker at 604-525-8242 or download our service request form here and follow the directions on the bottom for returning it to us.  Families may self-refer or be referred by their doctor or other community professional. There may be waits for some non-urgent services.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the Physical Therapy program please feel free to contact Zahra Lalani – Program Supervisor 604-529-5114 or