Host Your Own Food Drive or Fundraiser for Share!

Port Moody Fire Host an EventEach year, hundreds of caring individuals, community and corporate groups help SHARE by hosting their own food drives and fundraiser events. These events include everything from bake sales, lemonade stands to golf tournaments.

It is our goal to make giving back easy and fun for you, so we have created an easy 5 steps to SHARE Third party fundraising with bunch of tools to help you through the process, including a great social media cheat sheet so you can brag about the amazing work you are doing for your community!

Thank you for wanting to connect, engage and strengthen our community!

Our 5 Easy Steps to Fundraising

Step 1 – Learn

Have a look at our Third Party Toolkit. It covers everything you need to know about how to host a third party fundraising event for SHARE.
SHARE Third Party Fundraising Toolkit

Step 2 – Connect

Get in touch with us! We have a easy to fill out form that will help you get started. Once you have filled out this form please give us four working days to get back to you.
Submit an Event Form

Step 3 – Engage

Promote your fundraising event! We have created a template poster, a social media cheat sheet, a template press release, a shopping list of desired food times and even a thank you image that you can use on social media or though your email, to thank those that donated!
SHARE Social Media Cheat Sheet   SHARE Food Drive Poster Template

Use this thank you image to email or post online to thank those helped you fund raise.
SHARE Food Drive Thank You

Step 4 – Have Fun!

Fundraising should be fun and is a great way to build team and community spirit. Make sure that while at your event you grab some photos, and celebrate what you are doing on social media. We have created some fun tools that you can print off and place around your food drive, hand out to people as they pass by and a sign for your donation boxes.

Print some of the Shopping Lists off to give to people so that they donate what is most needed for the SHARE Food Bank.
SHARE Food Drive Shopping List   SHARE Food Drive Today Poster   SHARE Food Drive Donation Sign   SHARE Food Drive Donation SAMPLE

Step 5 – Report Back

Let us know how you did.
Email Michelle Murray

Share BearWant SHARE Bear at Your Fundraising Event?

We know that every loves when SHARE Bear shows up at an fundraising event, but as he is a very popular bear who is volunteer run, we cannot guarantee he will be able to attend all events.

Please consider the following before requesting SHARE Bear to attend your event:

He can attend an event for up to an hour Maximum

If you would like to request he attend your event please email Michelle Murray and we will do our best to get our furry blue pal at your fundraiser!


If you are hosting a corporate event, contact Valerie Hutton at 604-529-5119 or by email:


The SHARE Bear Kidz Club is the perfect way to get anyone under the age of 16 involved in the the Tri-Cities Community. From lemonade stands and birthday parties – all the way to food drives – there are plenty of youth giving back and getting involved. If you would like to register your child for the SHARE Bear Kidz Club – click this link and get started today!


If you would like SHARE Bear to attend your event, please email Michelle Murray, and we will do our best to get our furry blue pal at your fundraiser.

*please note, SHARE Bear may not be able to attend all events; he’s a very popular bear!

SHARE does not do door-to-door solicitations and cannot endorse these events.