Community & School Based Prevention & Health Promotion

Community & School Based Prevention & Health PromotionOur Community & School Based Prevention & Health Promotion Services take a pre-emptive, as opposed to reactive, stance on the battle against substance abuse in our community’s youth, and action the concept of healthy choices from an early age.

The program provides substance misuse prevention services for individual youth (aged 13-18), families, community groups and youth serving professionals that emphasize connectedness, positive youth development, and social and emotional learning in order to increase resiliency, enhance protective factors and achieve individual and community wellness.

The prevention and health promotion programs utilize community development strategies designed to promoting three key protective factors in young people: person-to-person connectedness, opportunities for participation and contribution, and high self-expectations. By focusing on these factors, the program seeks to keep youth, families, groups, and communities healthy and free from the problems related to substance use.

Our services include: universal programs that promote realistic and relevant discussion about substances within schools and classrooms, youth events and in the media.  Selective programs target groups that are at a higher risk of experiencing substance use concerns. Indicated prevention works with individuals who are showing early signs of substance use.  The CSBPHP team works with School District 43 to screen and work with youth showing signs of substance use.

The CSBPHP program also offers training programs for individuals or groups who work with our community’s children and youth.  They offer workshops, as well as the specific curriculum based training on the Grade 8 Choices and Values program.

This service is funded by Fraser Health and is free to people who live in the Tri-Cities, Anmore and Belcarra.


Grade 8 Choices and Values Presentation Series

The CSBPHP program partners with SD43 to deliver and/or train school staff to deliver a three part package consisting of two classroom presentations for students and one evening presentation for parents/caregivers/school personnel. The student presentations promote critical thinking, healthy planning and decision making through engaging, interactive conversations about choices, values and influences around substances; facts and myths; risk taking; and refusal skills. The evening presentation for parents/caregivers/school personnel outlines the topics discussed during the student presentations and covers ways to continue these important conversations with youth.


The CSBP program works in partnership with SD43 and City Parks and Recreation staff to offer POSSE groups both during and after school. POSSE is a gender specific group for youth that seeks to provide opportunities for youth to engage in honest and open discussion; have their voices heard and valued; build and strengthen positive connections to their school and community.


The CSBP program, in partnership with SD43, provides the Alternative to Suspension program for youth who are suspended from school for using substances.

Parent/Caregiver Circle

The CSBPHP program, in partnership with SHARE’s Youth Substance Use Counselling Program, offers an education/support circle for parents and caregivers who have concerns about their youth and substance use.


The CSBP program is pleased to offer practicum opportunities to 3rd and 4th year students studying in various social service degree programs.

3rd and 4th year students can contact:

SHARE office at 604.936.3900 or one of two CSBPHP staff at 604-941-6053 ext. 255 or 604 936 7205 ext. 168


Both the public and professional community can access the CSBPHP program by contacting:

SHARE office at 604.936.3900 or one of two CSBPHP staff at 604.941.6053 ext. 255 or 604.936.7205 ext. 168.


ext. 255
604 936 7205 ext. 168.