SHARE saved my life as a child, and now SHARE is my partner in providing a wonderful life for my three children. When I was twelve, my oldest sister took her life, devastating my family and I. My first introduction to SHARE was receiving counseling in order to deal with her loss.  SHARE has been with me ever since.

Walking the road to becoming the person I am today has been an extremely long and painful journey. I have been hospitalized and put on medication for Bipolar Disorder. After years of medication, and losing my marriage and three children, I prayed for a glimpse of hope.  In 2009, I was diagnosed with two debilitating spinal cord diseases, and it was then that I met a psychiatrist who questioned all of the medications I was on.  After weaning me off of the medications, I slowly gained my life back. I learned that I never had a disorder.

Through three back surgeries, and much counseling, I have managed to regain custody of my three children and some of my strength. Being a client of SHARE has allowed me to continue to work with a counselor and look after my children, even though I am on disability.  A hamper from the SHARE Food Bank every two weeks, ensures my children never go to bed or to school hungry.  In order to be the woman I have always wanted to be, and to provide for my family, I am registered in the self-employment program through disability and now sell my artwork to bring in an income for my family.

Resources from SHARE and tools from my counselor have taught me not only to survive, but to thrive as a contributing member of society, and to provide my children with a life that is filled with happiness.  Contributions from generous donors, sponsors and volunteers can lift a girl from her sadness and raise her into a woman of strength, providing for her own children.

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