Christmas ProgramsChristmas is a special time for all of us here at SHARE and we are committed to providing individuals, children, families and seniors in our community with the support and assistance they may need at Christmas. Through our holiday events, fundraising initiatives, Toy Shop and Holiday Food Hamper programs, we strive to make the holiday season a little brighter for everyone in our community.

It’s also a great time for you to give back and get involved. You can volunteer at our Gift Wrap and Toy Bank, host your own food drive or toy drive, raise money, donate food and or come out and volunteer at one of our many community Christmas events. Additionally, there are opportunities to sponsor a family this year through our Caring Neighbour program. More information is below about our Toy Shop and Holiday Food Hampers, as well as other programs and services that run throughout the holiday season.

Please join us and embrace the spirit of giving this holiday season to help those in need in our community by supporting SHARE.

You can also support SHARE's Christmas Programs without leaving your home. Visit our SHARE Joy page

Christmas Events & Volunteering

Christmas ProgramsVolunteering can be a great way to give back to the community, meet new friends, and gain valuable skills. SHARE Family & Community Services is built on a strong volunteer foundation. Without our volunteers, we would not be able to facilitate many of our programs and services!

SHARE hosts and supports a wide variety of events over the holiday season, such as Gift Wrap & Toy Bank at Coquitlam Centre, the CFOX Santa Fox Food Drive, the CP Holiday Train, and many other fun Christmas events. If you’re looking to get involved, check out these main areas where you can lend a hand during the holiday season.

To volunteer for:

  • 3rd party fundraising initiatives & community volunteering opportunities, please contact Hayley Knapp: hayley.knapp/at/ or 604.529.5107.
  • Coquitlam Centre Gift Wrap & Toy Bank opportunities - please visit this link and fill out the online form to sign up.
  • Assisting the Food Bank with food truck loading/unloading or volunteer driving, please contact Krissie Sondles at krissie.sondles/at/ or 604.937.6988.
  • Support at SHARE Food Bank’s reception desk receiving donations, answering phone calls, data entry, completing new registrations, and supporting in food distribution please contact Krissie Sondles at krissie.sondles/at/ or 604.937.6988.
SHARE Christmas Toy Program Requirements

Share Christmas Toy Program

This program is intended to help families in need within the Tri-Cities for toys and toys ONLY.

Christmas food hampers are a separate program. Please refer to the information below.

Parents or guardians of children 17 & under may apply to receive Christmas toys. You may be asked to provide legal documents indicating you have custody if you are not the parent.

To qualify for the Toy program, you will need to provide documentation to support that your household income (anyone who is working) is at or below the Low Income standard.

Beginning on Wednesday, November 6, 2019, you may register at only ONE of the locations below:

Port Moody

Port Moody Pacific Grace Church

2622 St. John’s Street

(across the alley from the SHARE Food Bank)

Wednesdays & Fridays

Nov. 6 – Dec. 6

11am – 1pm

Port Coquitlam

Trinity United Church

2211 Prairie Avenue

(corner of Prairie and Shaughnessy)

Wednesdays & Fridays

Nov. 6 – Nov. 27

12pm – 2pm


Hillside Community Church

1393 Austin Avenue

(between Gatensbury and Schoolhouse)


Nov. 13, 20, 27

11am – 1pm

Requirements: At the time of registration you MUST apply in person with CURRENT I.D. and the following:

  1. Proof of address: For each family member - 19 years old and over. RECENT Rental Agreement, Utility Bill, MEIA, Bank Statement dated within the past 3 months.
  2. Care Card(s): For ALL members of the family / household. ACTUAL IDs - NO PHOTOS OR COPIES.
  3. Income Information: For each family member - 19 years old and over, e.g. RECENT cheque stub from MEIA, EI, WCB, work or Bank Statement dated within the past 3 months

NOTE: After November 27th, ALL Christmas Registration questions can be directed to SHARE Food Bank, 2615 Clarke St., Port Moody (rear of the building). For more information call: 604-931-2451 or check our website at


This is part of the Food Bank regular food hamper program. It is also intended to help families in need within the Tri-Cities. You must be a registered recipient to receive a food hamper.

CURRENT Food Bank clients: you do NOT need to register for a Christmas Food hamper.

NEVER been to a SHARE Food Bank? Would you like a Christmas hamper? You need to register.

Have you been away from SHARE Food Bank for MORE THAN 6 MONTHS? You need to renew your registration.

A Christmas food hamper will be available for you to pick up on your regular Food Bank day on either December 11 or December 18 at your regular Food Bank depot as usual between the following hours:

Port Moody Port Coquitlam Coquitlam
11:30 am – 2:00 pm 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Please come prepared to carry your hamper.


Tiny Bundles clients will receive ONE Christmas hamper on either December 11 or December 18. Tiny Bundles families can come on both dates to get their special Tiny Bundle items ONLY.

Caring Neighbour Guidelines

Caring Neighbour

Information for individuals and groups wishing to help a family

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a family. Celebrating this season is especially difficult for families who are struggling to make ends meet.

SHARE Family & Community Services Society is working hard to support families in need. Through the Caring Neighbour Program we offer a more personalized alternative for groups who wish to support a family from Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Anmore or Belcarra. Families register for our program based on need, and basic family information is verified. We do not further screen those families selected for a “Caring Neighbour” sponsorship.  Personal, in-depth information about the families is not known (i.e. class, lifestyle, religion, etc.).

SHARE provides service in a non-judgemental, inclusive manner – regardless of race or religion.

To assist you in providing for the sponsored family, please carefully read the GUIDELINES OUTLINED BELOW.  If you have additional questions we would be happy to hear from you!

As you prepare to be matched with a family, consider your group's resources (funds available will decide size of family) and if you have any preferences, for example, the age of the children or whether you would prefer a single or two parent family.  If you advise us of these preferences early, we are better able to accommodate your wishes.

Registration to be a Caring Neighbour ends Friday, November 29, 2019. Please contact the Caring Neighbour Program Assistant at (604) 931-2451 or e-mail at

Caring Neighbour Guidelines

To ensure a successful match, all Caring Neighbours and Families are asked to follow the guidelines as outlined in this information package. This ensures that your expectations of participating in the program meet the expectation of SHARE and your sponsored family.

  1. Families are randomly selected based on your match preferences. Once again, we DO NOT have detailed information about the family. SHARE’s Christmas Program concentrates on sponsoring families with children.
  2. The family will be contacted by SHARE of the sponsorship. They will only be given the name of sponsor.
  3. The Caring Neighbour is matched and given contact and other information including size of the family, gender/age of each child and the city of residence.
  4. A designated representative from the Caring Neighbour group contacts the parent(s) of the family within 48 hours of being provided with the family’s information. You can imagine how disappointed a family would be if they were told they had a sponsor but they didn’t hear from them.
  5. During the initial call to the family, the Caring Neighbour obtains information (Re: Food preferences, children’s gift “Wish Lists”, etc).  PLEASE USE THE FAMILY INFORMATION SHEET PROVIDED TO GATHER YOUR INFORMATION. Questions of a personal nature to the family should be made in a sensitive, caring, and non-judgemental manner.
  6. The Caring Neighbour is to provide the minimum gift of a FOOD HAMPER to the family.  Additional gifts for the children and other Family members are optional and left to the discretion of the Caring Neighbour.
  7. Giving a TOY or GIFT to each child in the family is OPTIONAL. The family will receive gifts from either the Caring Neighbour or from SHARE's "Toy Shop". SHARE will not provide gifts to the family if the Caring Neighbour has committed to giving gifts.  We will ask you about this during the Caring Neighbour registration process.
  8. The Caring Neighbour agrees to respect the Family’s privacy, and understands that the Family must be consulted in all matters concerning donation arrangements.  The success of this program relies on a match of the expectations of both the Family and the Caring Neighbour. In some cases (when the Caring Neighbour is a community group/school group for instance), we suggest Caring Neighbours limit access to the name and address of the family to one or two organizers in the Caring Neighbour group - to protect and respect the family's privacy.
  9. The Caring Neighbour agrees to deliver the food hamper to the family's home. Please pre-arrange a mutually convenient delivery time with the parent. We suggest a maximum of 3 people deliver the hamper, as more people may make the family feel uncomfortable. All deliveries MUST be completed by Dec. 16th, 2019.
  10. If a situation arises close to the committed time of delivery where you are unable to do so personally, we encourage you to inform SHARE and to arrange a time for the hamper to be left at the Food Bank for the family to pick up.
  11. SHARE will provide support to the Caring Neighbour and the Family using phone or e-mail contact throughout the Caring Neighbour/Family relationship.
  12. It is our pleasure to acknowledge the effort and caring you give in support of the SHARE Christmas Food & Toys program. SHARE also encourages the family to express appreciation to their Caring Neighbour.

Holiday celebrations can be a very difficult and emotional time for many people. Our families will likely have very mixed emotions. They may be grateful at having the opportunity to enjoy a better holiday, apprehensive at allowing strangers such an intimate involvement with their family, worried about what you may think of them, embarrassed about their need for help. Your sensitivity, kindness, and understanding will go a long way in helping to make the family's experience a wonderful one!

Our Food Bank families come from various cultural backgrounds.  During the holiday season these families’ celebrations may be different from yours but they do celebrate the holidays in their own way. On occasion families may ask sponsors for gift cards instead of a food hamper to allow them to purchase their food preferences.  It can be a very busy time of year for everyone and if providing the family with gift cards meets with your donation expectations please feel free to suggest this to your family.

FINANCIAL GUIDELINES for Sponsorship Food & Gift packages

We suggest, as a minimum, the food hampers contain enough food for 3 meals on Christmas Day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). The checklist provided is meant as a guideline only, and hopefully will spark your imagination! Please keep in mind that our families are aware of our guidelines and therefore they will expect their package to be similar. (We strongly suggest approximately $55.00 per person in food items).

For example:  a 4-person family would receive a food hamper valued at approximately $220.00.

Some suggestions include providing a turkey / ham and fresh vegetables, or a gift certificate for their choice of items.  For
fresh foods (meats, dairy, vegetables) you could include a $25.00 Gift Certificate. Please keep meat frozen until delivery
or give a food store gift certificate.


  1. Are there any food allergies?
  2. Is the family vegetarian?
  3. If there are babies or infants in the family, do they have any special needs?
  4. Are there cultural food preferences?
  5. Are the children allowed sweets/candy?
  6. If it is a small family, would they prefer a chicken or ham rather than a turkey?

GIFTS (optional)

If you wish to purchase a gift for any children and/or family members, you need to indicate this to the parent.  To avoid any misunderstandings, please clearly communicate to the family what you are planning to provide.  Please note that Santa brings only NEW toys/gifts and a reasonable cost for GIFTS is $50 per child and one family gift (e.g. a puzzle or a game).

In order to conform to Revenue Canada charitable giving guidelines SHARE is unable to provide tax receipts for food, toys or sponsorship (in-kind) donations. SHARE provides tax receipts for financial contributions. You can make your donation by credit card by calling 604-540-9161 to support SHARE programs or send your cheque to 104 – 3020 Lincoln Avenue, Coquitlam, V3B 6B4.


Click here to download the Family Information Sheet

Food Bank Volunteer Posting

Food Bank Volunteer Posting & Application

The SHARE Food Bank is looking for committed, open-minded and reliable volunteers to assist with our Christmas operations and ensure that food hampers are given to families and individuals who need this help. We are specifically looking for reliable registration volunteers who have strong communication and admin skills and are able to engage with recipients and follow Food Bank policies and procedures. The following positions are ideal for those who are computer literate and can commit to an ongoing weekly schedule.

During Christmas 2018, SHARE registered 1,138 households for Christmas and 1,304 children received Christmas gifts. Any way that you can help would be greatly appreciated.

Office & Caring Neighbour Volunteer Positions

  1. Office Assistant:
    • Greet donors, answer phones, use photocopier and laminator.
    • Sort, organize, and check supplies and files.
    • Assist staff with seasonal promotions.
    • Receive incoming donations, monetary and food.
    • Receipt and record money and food donations: sort, count, and roll.
    • Help to compile volunteer and food bank statistics.
    • Data entry on Excel and Nucleus database.
    • Register food bank recipients

    Minimum 4 hours a day or more

  2. Caring Neighbour (temporary):
    • Complete Caring Neighbour information package with sponsors over the phone.
    • Inform Caring Neighbour and clients guidelines/expectations of the program.
    • Data entry on Excel and Nucleus database.

    Minimum 4 hours a day or more; 3-4 days a week; must be available for Christmas

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Morning Volunteer Volunteer - Volunteer Volunteer Volunteer

Online Application

If you’re interested in these or other volunteer opportunities at the Food Bank, please contact Krissie Sondles, our Food Bank Supervisor, at 604-937-6988 or or use the form below.

Food Wish List

Thank you for supporting your community!

SHARE Food Bank is in need of:

*Please be advised that we cannot distribute open, damaged or past the best before date food.*