Wesbild, Proud SHARE Partner

WesbildWesbild Holdings Ltd. is a true supporter of SHARE and an advocate for the well-being of our community as a whole. In 2005, Wesbild purchased and purpose-renovated a building from which SHARE delivers services to over 17,000 people each year.  The Clarke Street building has been provided by Wesbild at no net cost to SHARE for the last 10 years. This extraordinary contribution allows SHARE to invest significant resources into its mission: to provide support to vulnerable individuals and families so that they have the opportunity to pursue the life they choose.

“As an organization with a number of staff that live and work in the Tri-Cities, we are delighted to be able to give back through SHARE.”  Says Kevin Layden, Wesbild’s President & CEO, “SHARE supports the quality of life of all families in the Tri-Cities.  Building communities is the focus of our business and SHARE helps to ensure that our neighbourhoods are strong by answering social needs and creating healthy, inclusive communities.”

A message from SHARE’s Former CEO Sylvia Ceacero:

“Together, Wesbild and SHARE are building strength in our Tri-Cities community. While we very much appreciate the generous financial support that Wesbild provides, we know that their commitment to building our community goes far beyond their financial gift. Members of the Wesbild family help us govern, plan and stage events, sort food and bring Christmas cheer to children and families.

Steady; strong; there when you need them. We like to think that these words describe SHARE’s approach to our work. But they apply equally to Wesbild and their ongoing commitment to work with us to build strength in our Tri-Cities community.

Thank you for being there when we need you, for being a strong and steady friend, for helping us make a positive and lasting difference for so many who need our help and  for being part of our SHARE family.