Social Emotional Early Development (SEEDS)


Social Emotional Early Development Services (SEEDS) is a new community program available to children from birth through six years of age and their families, is part of the SHARE Early Intervention Therapy Services Program and partners with the Tri-Cities Child and Youth Mental Health Services. Our focus is on children with developmental challenges, who are also experiencing social, emotional, or behavioural difficulties. The purpose of this program is to ensure that families have access to appropriate assessment, service planning, treatment and support services in order to address any challenges they face and promote the emotional well-being of their children.

Finding the kind of support and resources that best fit the needs of you and your child can be challenging. To assist you in making an informed decision about services, this information is designed to provide answers to questions that you may have about the program. Details include information about the team of professionals involved, and what to expect throughout your participation in the program.

Staffing: The SEEDS is staffed with a Family Support Worker

Services include but not limited to:

  • Provide information and support  to parents/caregivers  to help parents understand their child’s behaviour and/or developmental needs, foster the parent and child connection;  help parents manage their child’s  challenging behaviour and/or difficult emotions and increase positive interactions within the family.
  • Connection to community and needed resources
  • Support

As a key member of the team, you will be involved with each phase of services, which includes: 

  1. Orientation. The Family Support Worker will meet with you to explain the program and answer any questions. You can then decide if you want to receive our services.
  2. Consent. If you choose to receive service, the Family Support Worker will ask for your signed consent to participate.
  3. Service Plan. The Family Support Worker will meet with you at the SHARE office, at your home or any other location you choose. He/She will learn about your concerns and experiences with your child, what is important to you, and what you want to achieve.
  4. Consultation. If requested, the Family Support Worker will provide consultation to other service providers working with your child (e.g. your child’s therapists, daycare or preschool teachers or kindergarten staff).
  5. Reports. You will receive progress reports during the service and a closing report when the service ends.

How to access the Services

Referrals are made by either the Tri-Cities Child & Youth Mental Health or SHARE’s Early Intervention therapy Services.

Tri-Cities Child and Youth Mental Health:

Tel: 604-469-7600

Location: 300 – 3003 St. Johns Street, Port Moody

Intake clinic time (No appointments, Walk-in Only): Tuesday and Thursday 9:00am – 3:30pm.

SHARE’s Early Intervention Therapy Services:

Please discuss with your child’s therapist about making a referral


For more information about the SEEDS program, please contact:

Catherine Ho, Family Support Worker, 604-529-5132 or email