SHARE’d Treasures Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

“I shop at SHARE because of the excellent customer service and the marvelous treasures I have found over the years.”
~ Claudia

“I have been shopping at the SHARE’d Treasures for 20 years and still love the price and all the treasures you find, its so much fun and great for my budget. I have had huge medical challenges for many years. In this shop I always felt at ease and welcomed. For me, it has been and still is, great therapy. I thank you for everything you do.”
~ Anna

“I have been shopping at  SHARE’d Treasures for 5 years, they have great products and prices. I love to save money and will continue shopping here.”
~ Anonymous

“I have been shopping at SHARE’d Treasures for 3 years, and continue to because of the wide variety & styles of the clothing & accessories. I come back because of the cost and the convenience. The volunteers are friendly and it’s for a great cause.”
~ Anonymous

Volunteer Testimonials

“I have been volunteering at the SHARE’d Treasures for 4 years, I choose to volunteer at the store because SHARE is a very well respected local agency with long standing service to families. It’s a great way to give back to the community. The best part of my volunteer experience is meeting all the people whether they are other volunteers, staff, customers. & to know you are contributing & giving back to the community while having fun doing it.”
~ Anonymous

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