SHARE is a very broad-based agency, with many programs and services. When we try and describe our agency, we often end up talking about programs and services, because it is sometimes easier to talk about “what we do” than to describe “who we are”. But who we are, the values we hold dear and the approach that we take to our work is very important to us.

We are community-based. Our work is focused on the Tri-Cities. We build relationships in our community with clients, volunteers, community leaders, community centres, businesses, schools and others, because our understanding of what is happening in our community allows us to be nimble, to adjust to changes in our  community. Why does this approach matter? In an average year, we have more than 1,000 volunteers, giving 40,000+ hours of their time to make a difference.

The concept of reciprocity is woven through our work and we believe that when we create opportunities for clients to share their skills and knowledge with others, we are reminding them that they are not simply passive recipients of service and support; the are valued, they matter. We need them to help us build a stronger community.

We believe that we are stronger when we work together. SHARE is an active participant in dozens of local planning groups. We are partners with funders, schools and other agencies.

We lead with our heart, but we keep a close eye on the quality of our service. We are fully accredited and accountable.

The work that we do can be both rewarding and difficult. Every day, we encounter real-life circumstances that include trauma and significant challenges, but we are regularly inspired by the many examples of strength and resilience that we see in  the people we  serve.

We are proud of our work and humbled by the ongoing support that we receive from people in our community who believe in us. Thank you for helping us continue to make a difference in our community for more than 40 years!

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