Parent / Caregiver Support Circle

Parent Support GroupThe journey of parenting can have many highs and lows.  This is especially true when faced with the challenging task of parenting a teenager.  SHARE’s Youth Substance Use Services offers you an education and support circle specifically for parents and caregivers who have concerns about their youth and substance use.

Parents will have a chance to explore new ideas and learn successful parenting strategies from other parents and resource people in the group.  One Youth Substance Use Services counselor and group facilitator says: “This will be an opportunity for parents of teens to gain new parenting tools, and to realize that lots of other parents and teens are struggling too.  Parents realize that it is possible to stay connected with their teen and maintain a positive influence on them.  Parents typically leave this group with renewed optimism and hope.”

Parent & Caregiver’s Circle, starting September 8, 2015

Parents/Caregivers will help determine topics for discussion that may include:

  • How to tell if your teen is misusing drugs or alcohol.
  • How to overcome communication challenges like conflict and anger
  • How to manage touch emotions
  • How to preserve the parent-teen relationship and parental influence.
  • How to build responsibility, respect and trust in one’s teen.
  • Sorting out where to “draw the line”.
  • How to foster a healthy life balance and take care of yourself as you raise your teen.

Parents from previous groups have said::

  • “I am thankful that resources such as this group are available to parents who would otherwise lose their minds. Teens really need their parents to guide them through the rough times. Knowledge is powerful!  Thanks!”
  • “I enjoyed the brainstorming.  I enjoyed learning about my own (parenting) style.  Also, how my parents’ style affected me.”
  • “Hearing what worked in terms of successful conversations.”
  • “When to give the child more ownership over the decisions they make, and how to convey that to them in a way that empowers them.”
  • “Hearing that others have the same problems and how they deal with it.”


SHARE Family & Community Services, 2615 Clarke Street (2nd floor), Port Moody


Registration required.   

For more information and to register, please call the Intake Worker at 604-936-3900.